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Entrepreneurs and leaders hire me to “make performance matter” because most are held hostage by their own limiting beliefs and actions...which is costing them success in so many areas of their lives.

So, I help them break free to achieve high performance... surpass their goals...and live their dreams.

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Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? What does your mindset say about how you view intelligence? Your attitude towards success and failure?  Your approach to learning? You’ll also get tips to help you improve your mindset to help you close that gap.

Bottom line, I provide accountability, coaching, and training so that you can shift old belief patterns and behaviours and start designing and living the life you want and deserve.

John C.

“Cindy was instrumental in helping me develop and pursue my life path. She instills a sense of ownership for each person she works with, not only in identifying and shifting their limiting beliefs, but also in surpassing their goals and measuring their own success.”


Tiffany D.

“Being a part of the ‘Yes Shift Happens' program has impacted me personally and professionally. Cindy provides an arena where we can share ideas, dreams, conflicts, goals and experiences in a supportive and confidential environment. Cindy encourages and challenges us to move outside our comfort zones and remove boundaries. She presents assignments, readings and videos that require us to think and consider things from other perspectives. My vision of my purpose and abilities has expanded. I cannot imagine not being a part of this awesome group.

Colette D.

“I love that Cindy helps you define what success means for you. She then gives you the concepts, theories, ideas and tools to create your own path to success. She connects people of diverse backgrounds and facilitates conversations that allows you to share and learn from each other’s experience. My journey with Cindy has been motivating and empowering!”

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